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I have been absent from this place for too long and consequently missed a looooooooooot of things going on with some of my friends, for which I am really sorry.
So I have decided to take a Facebook-break and concentrate back on LJ again. Mind you, I'll still read FB, but I won't post there that often anymore. All the game invitations are getting on my nerves anyway. ;-)

What's new? Well, not all that much. My wonderful husband is "on the road" as usual, currently in the US, which leaves me in charge of almost everything. That was slightly intimidating at first, by now, however, I have got the hang of it and pretty much know what I am doing. For the most part, anyway. All the bills get paid on time, the kids have not yet left the house undressed, unwashed or without a decent breakfast and the house is not closer to chaos than it was before we bought it. The garden actually looks a lot better than it did before. And the tax forms have been handed in on time for the first time since we got married!
Work has neither improved nor deteriorated, which I consider as success at the end of the day. As of late I even had my long missed muse over every once in a while and three songs are almost done and ready to face the world.

End of next month I'll be in London for a weekend, something I am looking forward to immensely. We don't have many plans apart from (probably) going a bit nuts in the Dr. Who shop and (hopefully) get tickets for "Much Ado About Nothing". That leaves a lot of room to meet people and enjoy the prospect of just being me again for 2 days.
So, if any of you are in London July 23/24, let me know. The first pint is on me. ;-)


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