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Have been offline for too long.
The in-laws are here and occupy my time as much as my computer.
That's how I missed wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.
That's why I am early in wishing everyone a Happy New Year.
Don't know how soon I'll have the chance to catch the computer unguarded again.
They'll leave next year.
God, that does sound scary.
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I am currently in love with The Weepies - again.
It's just my kind of music for his time of year.
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Breakfast is done and the table already cleared again.
Dishwasher running - check.
Washing machine and tumbler loaded - check.
Lea's kindergarten bag packed - check.
Windows closed again and heating on - check.
Bed's made - check.
Shopping list written, bags packed - check.

What am I missing.

I have the distinct feeling that I forgot something.

*silently goes through her list again, walks by a mirror, shrieks and runs upstairs*

*5 minutes later*

hair combed - check
teeth brushed - check
dressed! - check

Yes, better.
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I played Muggle Quidditch today for the first time. Started of as Reserve, ended up as Chaser.
Had tons of fun!
Can't feel my legs anymore.
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Right now Paolo Nutini is playing live at E-Werk, just a couple of miles from here. And the concert is not even sold out!
Life can be so unfair.
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I used to like rainy days like today. Well, if I didn't actually like them, at least they didn't bother me all that much.
I used to put the kettle on and make some tea, read a book or write something, anything, letters, songs, poems, prose. And the weather outside was either of no importance or an inspiration.
Nowadays it's different. Weather like this means having to find means and ways to keep the whole family occupied and entertained. With [ profile] aprost it's not that difficult, he picks up a book or turns on the computer or the TV. We even used to play chess, back in the "good ol' days".
The kids, however, pose a real challenge. With Lea you can play all sorts of games and she even likes to spend some time playing on her own. And if worse comes to worst she can watch TV for half an hour. That makes the day long and sometimes demanding. No such thing for Sarah, though. Too small for TV, too small for any of the games the rest of the family can play together. When we try to play things like Lego together her way of "playing" seriously pisses off Lea - Lea likes to build things, while it is Sarah's passion to demolish anything that reaches higher than three pieces. She is used to spending a considerable amount of time outside, pushing her little doll's pram along our street, painting the street with chalk or just watching Lea on the swings or the slide. Days completely spent inside tend to drive her a little crazy.
The fact that the girls have been sick for almost two weeks, first Lea and then Sarah, didn't help today, either. Our usual rhythm has been seriously disrupted. No kindergarten for Lea, no work for Francesco, different bed times. It took me an incredible 2 hours to finally get Sarah to sleep.
And it is still raining.
Well, now I finally have my tea and my writing while Francesco watches "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". I will join him now, because I love that film.
A little less rain tomorrow, if you please.
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Lea already had her part of the current influenza wave and was nice enough to safe some for her sister. As of last night Sarah is officially ill.
She is running an unusually high fever that not even the medicine we are to give her can do much about. She is whiny , clingy and easily bored or annoyed, which is a complete contrast to her usual self. The paediatrician told us not to worry too much, it was most likely just a normal flue - inconvenient, but a usual visitor this time of year.
Now, the funny thing is that my parents-in-law went to their doctor after we called them this morning to ask advice for us. And their doc actually GAVE advice.
To me that's a little weird, I mean, how can he propose a treatment without having seen the patient?
Anyway, it was sweet of them to ask, even though it proved to me again that they have still not accepted us as grown-ups. Believe it or not, I can take my kids to see their paediatrician when they are ill.
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After a break of more than five years, today I had the first appearance with my jazz dance group.
Once a year all the dancing school and sports clubs are provided with the opportunity to appear on stage at the local theatre, a two-day dance festival. Since the girls have been born I missed out on that every year, because [ profile] aprost worked so late that I was never able to join the training sessions. Only last month I started to train regularly again and I was actually pretty sure I wouldn't be able to make it, because I only had three weeks to learn the choreography.
Surprisingly it worked out pretty well, though.[ profile] aprost and the girls were in the audience and just before the music started and the lights went on I heard Lea say loudly "There's my mummy!" Made me smile throughout the whole performance.


Nov. 7th, 2009 09:25 pm
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Lea is much better. No fever, just a slight cough left, knees not as wobbly anymore. Still, she was in no condition to take her with me to Düsseldorf yesterday and since there was no babysitter available that I could or would have left her with (my mum had doctors' appointments the whole day and [ profile] aprost a job interview in Frankfurt) I unfortunately missed out on [ profile] shannachie's reading at Fantasydays .
Actually we had been invited to dinner at my parents' place tonight. However, I wanted to keep the girls home and get them to bed at their usual time after all the changes in routine over the last few days, so we had dinner here instead.
And it went surprisingly well.
Normally when my dad comes over I automatically go into panic-mode. He is overly critical of everything I do or don't do - and that is not just my impression. The kitchen is always messy, the garden in a terrible state, the kids either too noisy or too quiet and the food never to his liking. Even [ profile] aprost gets a little nervous before his father-in-law arrives; today he made a frantic run to take all the summer left-overs like plastic chairs and tables and kids toys into the garage and out of sight, something I have been begging him to do for at least two weeks.
Tonight was different, though. I have the strong suspicion that my dad already had a couple of beers before he walked through the door and the bottle of wine that we had opened surely helped as well. In any case, he made no nasty comments about the state of the house or the kids. Or my outfit, for that matter.
Raclette was not a tacky idea, like he had claimed last time - on the contrary, ate with an appetite and complimented us on the choice of cheese and vegetables. He actually savoured the wine instead of gulping it down like he normally does. And he stayed another two hours after dinner was over together with my mum - usually he starts checking his watch while swallowing his last bite in order not to miss the next bus.

I have no idea what exactly was different tonight - but I hope it's going to stay like that for a while.
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Lea has been running a fever for the last two days.
High fever.
Scary-high fever.
It came out of nowhere, within half an hour she went from happy and healthy to cranky and ... well, insanely hot. 2p.m. nothing, 2:30 p.m. 40,3.
And of course the timing was as crappy as it could have been with my mum out cold with lumbago (no, I didn't pass it on. I am sure it's not spreading.) and the kindergarten's St. Martin procession to be organised. I somehow got convinced to join the parents' council that is responsible for everything from horse and costume to cocoa, mulled wine and, of course, the famous "Weckmann" (not really a Gingerbread man, much softer, made from the same dough as sweet rolls and holding a little pipe).
It all worked out somehow in the end and today, miraculously, the fever is gone. Just like that.
I'll keep her home for the rest of the week anyway, since kindergarten is not the best place to recover. When I called today to excuse her a couple of kids were staying home because of mumps, even more because of stomach flu.
I'll just have to see, if going to Düsseldorf tomorrow to hear Ju read from her novel is doable. I certainly won't plan anything anymore, since too much planning on my part seems to trigger all sorts of disaster. ;-)

Stay healthy out there!
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After hours of searching the net it seems that Hamburg is way too expensive for the poor Morbiducci family. No way to find accommodation for the four of us under 500 Euro and we haven't even checked how much the train tickets are going to cost us. To be honest, we are slightly frustrated by now. Luckily we haven't told Lea anything yet, so we won't have to disappoint her if it really doesn't work out.
My mum was very helpful.
"It's not like you've got nothing to do around the house and the garden, you know."
Yes, thank you, we know that. The idea, however, was to spend some time together while seeing and discovering something new. The working-together-part we all know pretty well already.

Anyway, we won't give up hope and keep on looking.
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I am currently drugging myself with toddy nr. 2, hoping that I will feel better tomorrow.
Anyway, some things I have to write down.

1. Got my GoogleWave invitation today - am too tired to try it out, though. ;-)

2. "Bisse" got here today through the magic of Amazon, so I will be able to stand in line for an autograph when Ju will be reading in Düsseldorf on the 6th.

3. Francesco will take the week of St. Martin off from work and we are planning to go to Hamburg. So, are any of the people that live near able and willing to meet up, probably somewhere between the 12th and the 15th? Also, does anyone know a good place to stay with two kids? We are looking for something like Bed'n Breakfast rather than a hotel.

I have the sneaking feeling there was a 4, but I can't remember it anymore.

Goodnight then.
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I am feeling much better tonight. Far from perfect still, but at least I am sitting upright while typing and sipping on a deliciously hot cup of tea.
Today has been one of those days where I am truly grateful for being married to the man I chose 6 years ago. He got up early to give Sarah her bottle of milk, prepared the breakfast table, took care of both kids after I had finally agreed to take some pain-killer (which sort of killed me as well) and reluctantly agreed to take a walk with the whole family after I had assured him that walking was as easy as resting in bed - it's just the sitting that stresses my back. We made lunch together, so that I wouldn't have to bend down all the time to get things from the lower shelves. He read Pinocchio to the girls and me and agreed to another walk that inevitably led to the playground where he was the perfect playmate for Lea until other kids arrived.
We tucked the girls in together, he cleaned the kitchen and prepared some tea and now we are watching 007 while snuggling under a blanket together.
Sundays can be great, even with lumbago.

Live signs

Oct. 20th, 2009 10:35 pm
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Dear me, I haven't been on here since Sarah was born. Somehow Twitter, MySpace and Facebook were shorter, easier, less demanding. Yes, I know, "the Dark Side" Yoda would call that, and I have to admit that I gave in.
Time has become even more precious over the last year. Someone in the family is always "in need" - of an ear, a shoulder, all the hands that I can spare. Usually I find myself so tired that I fall asleep in front of the TV, which is something I haven't done in ages.
Today is different, and I don't even know why. Francesco let me be after a relatively short discussion and went to bed early, because the girls kept us up last night. My mum seems to be able to take some decisions on her own for a change. My dad is complaining to someone else. And the girls are miraculously asleep.
I have actually managed to finish a chapter again. This story has been calling out to me for so long and I had such a bad conscience for not continuing with it. And before finally collapsing (the day will start early again tomorrow) I wanted to let you guys know that I am still alive and most of he time not only well, but better than I actually realize.
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Sarah Aurelia Morbiducci,
born on August 13 at 18:55, then 3495 g and 51 cm, today ... well, more.

In good family tradition she made me vomit in 5-minute-intervalls from December last year on until shortly before she was born. Today , however, she is much less complicated than her sister was at that age.
Nevertheless, two kids is much more work then I thought possible and keep me off the net successfully.

Just wanted you to know that I am still alive and rather well.

Hopefully I'll be "back on air" in a while.
Miss you all.


Dec. 7th, 2007 01:52 pm
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Thanks a lot to [ profile] realfranklin for tagging me *gnmpf*
So here they come, my "weird ten".
Rules of the game: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

10. I go to bed with my socks on and kick them out some time during the night without being aware of doing so.
9. My right leg is about 1 inch shorter than my left one. Maybe I should trade with [ profile] realfranklin; that would defenitely look weird, though.
8. I am an allergic asthmatic, so don't threaten me with nail polish or the fitting remover.
7. I read my own bedtime-stories by the time I was four, because my parents were sick of being corrected if they misread something or tried to leave out a bit of a long story.
6. In High school I was madly in love with my Latin teacher and even stalked him for a while. (I was 13.)
5. My first boyfriend was Jamaican.
4. To this day I can not watch "Poltergeist" for fear I might be sucked into the TV set while doing so.
3. When "Starligt Express" in Bochum celebrated the 500th show I got so drunk that there are actually 15 minutes missing of that evening.
2. During Lea's birth I broke off a part of the bed.
1. I can't play any racing game, Computer or PS, because it makes me throw up.

Hoping I don't get anyone who has already been tagged, here we go. I tag:
[ profile] delennara, [ profile] puggie, [ profile] sibylle, [ profile] aprost, [ profile] evieangelique, [ profile] fractalreality, [ profile] kahvi_elf, [ profile] shania_nowhere, [ profile] roja and [ profile] lostmalfoy
Forgive me, for I know not what I am doing.
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I'm a big help )
I didn't realise it was this big, sorry guys. Somehow on my journal it simply fits the page.
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I had almost forgotten what it feels like to have free time on my hands.
My mum called this morning to offer me a special treat - she would take Lea for the whole day, since she wanted to meet up with a friend who was also taking care of her granddaughter for the day. The two girls get along very well, the grannies as well, so I had no bad concience to accept the offer.
For the last four hours I have enjoyed having the house to myself. I listened to my favourite radio station as long and as loud as I liked, served the net, ate cookies in bed while catching up on my University reading and actually wrote something decent, university- and filk-wise.
Hey, I might actually write a decent song this year.

And now I look forward to picking Lea and my mum up and wil take them out for a wonderful dinner.
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on my eyes, my ears, my toes
it even froze my nose.

Yep, everything white out there. Thank God I changed my tyres yesterday.
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The whole family spent a wonderful weekend - something none of us had actually expected.
On Friday we drove to Speyer to meet with Francesco's former boss. The original idea was the two men meeting for a meal and a couple of beers while I would take care of Lea in the hotel, but it turned out that Paul (the ex-boss) needed to get home before 10 p.m. and therefor wanted to meet rather early. Furthermore he specifically asked to see "the whole lot", so Lea and me tagged along. We had dinner in a brewery; the staff was very friendly towards children, lots of toys and entertainment for Lea, so lots of fun and relaxation for both parents.
On Saturday we went on to FIS where old friends and fellow filkers gave us a warm welcome. Francesco was somewhat sceptical at first, not being a fan either of filk or of science fiction or fantasy. He is a huge fan of [ profile] puggie though and enjoyed listening to his one performance and otherwise talk and listen to him over the beers that they shared in a brotherly fashion.
Lea had the time of her life with Simon (eldest son of [ profile] delennara and [ profile] puggie) and Frederik, [ profile] realfranklin's son. Molly was her usual wonderful self and made everybody feel home and welcome, providing delicious and dangerous amounts of food.
I totally enjoyed being among filkers again and finally had a chance to talk to [ profile] roja in peace, something we never got to do since the first time we met. And I can't actually remember when that was.
[ profile] shannachie read us the introduction to her novel, Eva (is she on LJ?) played many wonderful new and old songs and [ profile] nemsi once again overcame his initial nervousness and joined into the chorus of voices and hearts.
The only down-part was the news that [ profile] nelladarren couldn't come due to untimely loss of her gallbladder. *hugs again to you*
And now, even though it was no con, I have the blues.
I miss you guys.


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