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There are people in your life that you just take for granted - and I don't mean that in a negative way. They are a constant in your life, stable, reliable, and you expect them to always be there. So when you walk away from a nice time with them and remember on the way back home that you forgot to say something, or share a laugh, or just give a hug, you'll shrug and think "No problem, I'll just do it next time."
Today life reminded me that sometimes there is no next time and you better make the most every moment you have with the people you love.
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I had almost forgotten what it feels like to have free time on my hands.
My mum called this morning to offer me a special treat - she would take Lea for the whole day, since she wanted to meet up with a friend who was also taking care of her granddaughter for the day. The two girls get along very well, the grannies as well, so I had no bad concience to accept the offer.
For the last four hours I have enjoyed having the house to myself. I listened to my favourite radio station as long and as loud as I liked, served the net, ate cookies in bed while catching up on my University reading and actually wrote something decent, university- and filk-wise.
Hey, I might actually write a decent song this year.

And now I look forward to picking Lea and my mum up and wil take them out for a wonderful dinner.
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The whole family spent a wonderful weekend - something none of us had actually expected.
On Friday we drove to Speyer to meet with Francesco's former boss. The original idea was the two men meeting for a meal and a couple of beers while I would take care of Lea in the hotel, but it turned out that Paul (the ex-boss) needed to get home before 10 p.m. and therefor wanted to meet rather early. Furthermore he specifically asked to see "the whole lot", so Lea and me tagged along. We had dinner in a brewery; the staff was very friendly towards children, lots of toys and entertainment for Lea, so lots of fun and relaxation for both parents.
On Saturday we went on to FIS where old friends and fellow filkers gave us a warm welcome. Francesco was somewhat sceptical at first, not being a fan either of filk or of science fiction or fantasy. He is a huge fan of [ profile] puggie though and enjoyed listening to his one performance and otherwise talk and listen to him over the beers that they shared in a brotherly fashion.
Lea had the time of her life with Simon (eldest son of [ profile] delennara and [ profile] puggie) and Frederik, [ profile] realfranklin's son. Molly was her usual wonderful self and made everybody feel home and welcome, providing delicious and dangerous amounts of food.
I totally enjoyed being among filkers again and finally had a chance to talk to [ profile] roja in peace, something we never got to do since the first time we met. And I can't actually remember when that was.
[ profile] shannachie read us the introduction to her novel, Eva (is she on LJ?) played many wonderful new and old songs and [ profile] nemsi once again overcame his initial nervousness and joined into the chorus of voices and hearts.
The only down-part was the news that [ profile] nelladarren couldn't come due to untimely loss of her gallbladder. *hugs again to you*
And now, even though it was no con, I have the blues.
I miss you guys.


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