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Somehow the year has been crazy so far and I have the sneaking feeling that's not going to change.
Since it would take more time (and brain) than I currently have at my disposal, I'll just give you the basics.

Sarah has got a place at Lea's kindergarten and will start going there in August.

I will return to University and try to get a decent degree.

Francesco will change job this summer and transfer to an American company that is seeking to expand to Europe. There is no German office yet (he is supposed to gather enough business for that over the next 18 months), so he will work from home two days a week and be on the road for three, travelling to the production sites in France and Poland. Before actually starting the work he has to complete six weeks of training in Michigan, and the company is happy to bring the whole family over, pay for all our tickets and rent a flat for all of us.

It's exciting. And sort of chaotic. Timing-wise it's a bit of a problem: our trip to the States will last until middle of August, when we return Sarah starts at kindergarten (I'll ask the people there to give her a break of two weeks after our return) and latest end of September I have to be present at University to remind people of my face.

See, it never gets boring here.

So, all the people whose birthdays I forgot, I hope you understand and can forgive me. :-)
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I am feeling much better tonight. Far from perfect still, but at least I am sitting upright while typing and sipping on a deliciously hot cup of tea.
Today has been one of those days where I am truly grateful for being married to the man I chose 6 years ago. He got up early to give Sarah her bottle of milk, prepared the breakfast table, took care of both kids after I had finally agreed to take some pain-killer (which sort of killed me as well) and reluctantly agreed to take a walk with the whole family after I had assured him that walking was as easy as resting in bed - it's just the sitting that stresses my back. We made lunch together, so that I wouldn't have to bend down all the time to get things from the lower shelves. He read Pinocchio to the girls and me and agreed to another walk that inevitably led to the playground where he was the perfect playmate for Lea until other kids arrived.
We tucked the girls in together, he cleaned the kitchen and prepared some tea and now we are watching 007 while snuggling under a blanket together.
Sundays can be great, even with lumbago.


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