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Well, not really alone. Sarah is - hopefully - sleeping upstairs, even though I can hear the occasional cough.
I was supposed to be in Rome this weekend for the wedding of Francesco's best man. We had planned this event for two months, including losing some weight to look presentable, buying new outfits to go with the sufficiently reduced body masses, buying the plane tickets, renting a car, buying presents and searching for the perfect thing to write on the card.
Once more my Grandma turned out to be correct when she told me: "With children planning is an adventure - and sometimes futile."
When Sarah started to throw up rather violently on Monday I already had the feeling that weddings in Italy and me are just not meant to be this year. The doctor confirmed my inkling. "No flying for this young lady." Francesco and Lea went yesterday and are hopefully having a great time with the Italian family, the warm weather and my mother-in-law's famous cooking.

So here I am, laptop where it belongs, namely on my lap, Heroes on TV, hot cup of tea beside me and, miracle of miracles, using my livejournal again. Lots of things have happened over the last couple of months; I'll try to keep it short, though.

Francesco changed job over the summer and is now working for an American company. He started off with a training in Michigan that lasted 6 weeks; fortunately the company is very family-friendly and offered to bring the girls and me along as well. We gladly accepted.
Those 6 weeks in Grand Rapids were a very strange mixture of exciting and uneventful. We didn't really "do" that many things, at least the way my husband sees it. We didn't go sightseeing all that much, since the girls don't respond well to long drives in the car. They like to be able to get up and move, stretch their legs. I guess they are taking after me in that respect. So we stayed in the area, went to Lake Michigan a couple of times, enjoyed Downtown and Gaslight Village, saw many parks and ballparks.
The excitement was in meeting so many new people, getting glimpses into lives that were vastly different from ours or thrillingly similar.
Personally I learned a lot about tolerance and open-mindedness, about expectations and prejudices.
I dare to say we actually made some friends over there and even though we hadn't anticipated it, leaving was actually hard on us.

The welcome we got from family and friends upon returning was overwhelming. It made me realize that we actually have a rather important place in the local community, that people depend on us, that certain routines run less smoothly without us. That felt good. It still does.

Sarah has started kindergarten by now. After the initial struggle to let go, which was mine as much as hers, we are both doing rather well. She has taken huge steps in these short weeks, especially language-wise. She is the youngest in her group and has to fight hard to be accepted as "one of the kids" and not just another baby doll, but she is doing fine, winning most of the time.

Lea has a best friend, Luisa. Those two spend every available moment together and fortunately include Sarah in their games. Apart from the usual testing of rules and parental patience and consequence the Morbiducci household is a quiet and peaceful place at the moment.
And I enjoy and cherish this time with all my heart.
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Sarah Aurelia Morbiducci,
born on August 13 at 18:55, then 3495 g and 51 cm, today ... well, more.

In good family tradition she made me vomit in 5-minute-intervalls from December last year on until shortly before she was born. Today , however, she is much less complicated than her sister was at that age.
Nevertheless, two kids is much more work then I thought possible and keep me off the net successfully.

Just wanted you to know that I am still alive and rather well.

Hopefully I'll be "back on air" in a while.
Miss you all.


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