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I just don't have enough time.

In a nutshell:

Lea gives me a hell of a time putting her to bed.
Francesco is constantly "on the run".
The house is not yet finished.
Carpet arrives on Monday.
Taking the kitchen into the new house one week from now.
Official moving day the day after.
Not a single box is packed.

So I really should not be sitting here updating my journal.
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Tat's all I really have, a moment.

Thanks to the combination of buying a house and having a crappy, malfunctioning computer we did not only miss [ profile] sibylle's birthday and party, but didn't even manage to send her an email to apologize for this. I hope she will accept our humble apology now and forgive us. We already received a punishment, missing not only the party but also the chance to see so many friends. *buaaaaaaahhhhhhh :-(*

At least the house is making progress - well, not the house, the work inside the house. you know what I mean. Every room except for the kitchen has a fresh white ceiling (some work after 35 years of smoking inside every single room) and new wallpaper. The bathroom has new tiles, a bathtub and a shower, the toilet and the sink have already been delivered and patiently wait to be installed.

The kitchen and the entrance will get their new floor in the coming week and the carpet for the upper floor will arrive the week after. The hall and stairway should be painted by the end of next week as well.
We have a deadline, since we have to leave the apartment by September 30; it looks like we are going to make it, however.

FunACon has been fun, but way too short. Since my father-in-law and Francesco were working on the house I had a bad conscience to stay more than one day and it is kind of hard to talk to all the people you have missed for over a year in just a few hours - at least if you want to say something meaningful and really listen to what they have to say. Next year will be different, hopefully. Either I'll have the chance to go there without Lea or I will go Sunday insteadof Saturday when there is less official programme.

Lea fell, not for the first time, but for the first time on solid stone. The concept of stopping her fall with her hands and arms hasn't occured to her yet (either that or she hopes to be a pianist one day and wants to save her hands), so she looks kind of dramatic right now.
"Oh dear, did she fall?"
No, I dragged her nose across a wall. Of course she fell, stupid old lady! How else do you think she managed to burn the tip of her nose?

Apart from that we are still waiting for news, preferably good ones, concerning our laptop. Francesco can't bring his office computer home every evening and I am really starting to miss the net.

Almost 21:15 and Lea is still sleeping. Let's hope for the best. I'll join my husband now, before he starts complaing that I never have time for him, and wish all of you a good night and lots and lots of fun at Sib's party to the lucky ones who made it there.

Ich hab Euch lieb!


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