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At least I think so. It still hurts, so that's a good sign, isn't it?
Lea has been ill for almost two months now, apparently intent on catching every single virus available at the moment. No seriously, I am sure some of these little bastards even tried to get away, tired from playing havoc with an entire city; my daughter, however was faster.
"Nein, nein! Du bleibst schön hier!"
Currently it is Whooping caugh (sounds funnier than it is) and what is worrying me the most is that she lost more than a pound of weight. We had been close to the 13 kilo border, now she barely manges 12. I even allowed french fries for lunch, that's how worried I am.
Work is driving me nuts at the moment. Normally I only work during the weekends; however most of my colleagues are ill (haha) and therefor I do a lot of last-minute-emergency-substitution-shit. Getting to an appointment badly prepared while worrying about your sick child who is with your parents for two hours does not help to create a relaxed working atmosphere.
And did I mention that I am re-writing my thesis for the ump-teenth time to make sure that I will graduate before my daughter turns three?

The only thing I am looking forward to is FIS next weekend and I swear to tar and feather Francesco if he should so much as try to mess that up. We can go as a family, I can go with lea or I can go alone, but go there I will.
Having said that I will turn back to Greenberg's "Language Universals" and wish you all a nice day.


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